The South West Actor's Network

Connecting Actors across the South West Peninsula by Offering Continued Professional Development & Authentic, Meaningful Networking...

Inspired by conversations with a number of actors feeling isolated and disconnected in the region,  The Wheel have launched the South West Actors Network; to build connections between individuals, organisations and acting communities across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.  It’s a low cost subscription service which offers actors opportunities for continuing professional development, creative networking and a sense of being part of a larger community.  For employers we offer a free and easy one stop shop service to access the network of professional actors living in the South West Peninsula.

For Employers...

Looking to employ actors in the region?


We have a strong growing network of professional actors that are based in the South West, therefore we can offer great access to getting your postings and jobs directly to our members throughout the peninsula. 

Our members are all working professional actors, so we value and prioritise paid professional work however low pay and expenses only opportunities will also be shared if the job offer is clear, transparent and respectful of the actor's career.

We also have a network of training and emerging actors, so we can share unpaid opportunities through this network if appropriate.

If you have any opportunities and/or jobs you would like us to circulate throughout the network, please send the full job description and casting breakdown through to if you are unsure what to include just email and can clarify this with you.

Other services for employers


We are always interested in conversations with employers and are open to discussions to work on a number of projects, just email

We can offer, a full casting service, consultancy, actor coaching, movement direction, director of actors services, director of child actors service. 

For South West Based Actors...


Members Receive: 


  • A monthly bulletin which may include; highlights of what’s on in the region with opportunities for members to share their upcoming events; links to CPD opportunities both regionally and nationally; news about relevant opportunities or developments in the region; creative features (articles or videos to offer inspiration and reignite creativity); plus anything else you think might be useful.

  • Priority booking and discount offers for workshops hosted by The Wheel and any other partner organisations (we will look to negotiate ticket offers with venues in the region)

  • Casting breakdowns and job opportunities as and when they arrive, plus priority information about our own castings and productions.




To join the Network you must be over 18 and should have;

Two professional acting credits or have a Spotlight profile or have graduated from a full time Acting training course in the last two years.  If you are unsure if you meet this criteria, please email  If you don’t yet meet the criteria and are interested in our part time training offer please click here


To sign up please feel in the subscription form and send it to




You can subscribe for three months for £18, six months for £30 and twelve months for £50. 


If you subscribe now for free and the first bulletin will be with you the first week of the month. All membership is free until the end of March, we will the review this on a monthly basis.

When we do re-introduce membership fees we will  also offer recent graduates from a full time actor training course a 50% discount for your first year! (Graduates of 2019 or 2020)


Email if you have any questions

Free membership until the end March!!!! 
With no obligation to continue after the free period.
plus 50% off first year membership for recent graduates!!!
Due to the ongoing crisis and 2020 being so challenging for freelance actors we have decided to extend free membership until the end of the March!
We will then review this again in April.
Email:  Tel: 01752 229234
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Registered Charity: 1179263