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Actor Development & Networks:

Our Network/Development strand of work focusses on working and developing opportunities for and supporting professional actor's and theatre makers predominantly across the South West Peninsula.

This is led by our flagship project 'The South West Actor's Network' - a membership scheme for professional actor's with a base in the South West. As part of the Network we offer

'The Actor's Gym' a place for actor's to keep 'fit' and ready for the next job/casting.

In addition to this we also offer, one-to-one bespoke coaching, which includes: online support, 'actor life coaching' and practical coaching. as well as additional specialist CPD workshops/residencies and an annual scratch Festival 'SeptemberFest' for artists to showcase new ideas and work to public and industry professionals. 


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The Training Company:

We produce, programme and run a range of training opportunities across the year. These vary from one off workshops through to more committed weekly classes in specific areas.


We offer bespoke one-to-one actor coaching and tuition which are tailored to your individual needs, and puts you in the driving seat to craft your own training. This works best in person though we often work remotely via video calls.


This year we are also launching a new vocational part time actor training - 'The Wheel Actor Training Company'. Where students can work and train at the same time therefore not getting themselves into huge amounts of debt. 

The company work with us for one year culminating in professionally produced theatre production which can tour a number of venues.


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The Production Company:


We aim to produce a number of shows per year, host festivals, and will look to begin to produce films in the future.


We have recently co-produced a series of alternative Christmas shows with the Barbican Theatre Plymouth. 

For our own productions we try to cast initially from people we know or have worked with but will always endeavour to balance this with casting calls to meet new actors and help to diversify the range of actors working in the region. We try to embrace a 50% new, 50% old rule of thumb which helps keep our work growing and evolving.

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Welcome to The Wheel.

We are an independent actor training and production company, based in Plymouth. The Wheel works as a production company producing high quality, professional touring theatre work whilst hosting a range of continuous training opportunities for beginners through to professional development for experienced performers. We strive to integrate all elements of our work to feed into and benefit each other however we find it useful to articulate our work into three key areas: Actor Training, Actor Development & Networks and Productions.


For Training Actors:


We offer a range of workshops and training programmes for those that are serious about exploring actor training further. Including bespoke one to one coaching both in person and online.


 Where possible and appropriate we try to offer as many opportunities as possible for our training actors to integrate with our professional production work. 


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For Employers:

We have a strong growing network of professional actors that are based in the South West, therefore we can offer great access to getting your postings and jobs directly to our members throughout the peninsula.


We can offer, a full casting service, consultancy, actor coaching, movement direction, director of actors services, director of child actors service.


We are always interested in conversations with employers and are open to discussions to work on a number of projects, just email

For Professional Actors: 

We firmly believe that an actors training never really completes, and that its a constant cycle of research, doing and reflection. So we offer a range of workshops and CPD opportunities as well as our South West Actor's Network

To join the South West Actor's Network

click here

We are also aware how tricky the industry is to navigate, so we run a number of ways to access our company and get support to develop your career whilst taking care of your own health and wellbeing. 

These normally start with one of our online (or in person if you are local to Plymouth) 'Coffee House Sessions'. So if you would like to get in touch we would love to meet you.

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