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'Actor Life Coaching' (online)
                                        - one to one online actor support - 
What are they?...

These are a progressive series of online coaching conversations, focussing on 'the life of the actor' rather than 'the craft of the actor'. They are a blend of traditional life coaching, support and mentoring, lead by what you need. 


We like to describe them as: 


Authentic discussions, personal exploration and supportive thoughts for how to work in and navigate an industry that demands vulnerability but involves an inconsistent life style encountering judgement, rejection and competition on a regular, ongoing basis whilst still managing to look after your mental health and wellbeing. 


These sessions are discussion based with some reflective exercises when useful and focus on the individual. Everyone is different, so every actor is different, and needs to find their own way that works for them. These coaching sessions are focussed on helping the person/actor to find their way, by asking questions and helping to identify blocks and obstacles and define some strategies for how to overcome and cope with these when they arrive. We collectively aim to build a personal resilience to live the ‘Actor’s Life’ with a sense of fulfilment. 

How do i book?...

Drop us an email, to say hi and that you would like to book in a for a first session, easy as that! Most people begin with a one off Coffee House Session chat, and then progress to this once they have met us.


Feel free to email either of us directly if you have a preference to who you would prefer to chat with (you can look at our personal credentials on the creative team page and contact us at: or ) or if you have no preference email 


We’ll get back in touch to confirm a time convenient to you and send you a zoom link, and we can progress from there.

How much does it cost?...

These are a progressive series of online coaching conversations that are pre-agreed with you and booked in as and when you need them.


We are always looking to find ways making our work as accessible as possible and ways of removing the expectations and unhealthy power balances that come from monetising our services. Across all of our work we keep our fees as low as possible, and negotiate with individuals to find a plan that suits them. 

These sessions run at a pre-agreed minimum fee based your income and what you can afford balanced with what level of support/coaching you are looking for/need. (this is built on trust we won't ask for any proof of income) We have a sliding cost scale with the average equating to £30 per session which acts as a guide when agreeing a fee. This can always be topped up with a donation - like with the online ‘coffee house’ sessions if you find them particularly useful - that way you can decide the value of the session rather than us.

“All books & courses are simply maps of other peoples pasts. Absorb and use them but always remember that your own path will be different, and it is this personal path that you must travel. Don’t try to exactly copy another persons path; use their knowledge, but remain aware that the particular landscape of your own path is unique. However the paradox remains: You must discover your own path, but you can’t perceive it while you are on it, only after you have travelled it”  -  Yoshi Oida
Meet the coaches...
The sessions are run by Kev or Amanda - You can look at our personal credentials and links to further websites further on the creative team page

or watch some videos of us on our Youtube channel to get more of an idea of us. Both of us are skilled in listening and empathise with the challenges the industry throw up, and have been training and coaching actors in a range of capacities for over 10 years. We fundamentally believe good training/coaching of actors goes beyond purely teaching the 'Actor's Craft'. Here's a short more specific bio of each of us....

Kev - Is an actor, theatre director and acting coach, he has worked as an actor for 20 years so has lived experience, understanding and empathy with those trying to live the inconsistent life of an actor. He has worked across a range of genres and on a number of community and health related projects, in particular mental health work utilising a number of forum theatre techniques.He was artistic director of Symbiotic Theatre for seven years, working to raise awareness and challenge stigma around mental health, and has worked with the NHS on a number of training projects related to Post Natal Depression.


Amanda - is a theatre director and actor coach. She has worked in a number of contexts internationally. She works for 'Tender' running workshops to help people engage with and understand the threat of domestic violence. And is developing a new strand of her work as an intimacy coordinator.

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