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One Year Part Time - 'Earn While You Train'...

In 2020 we launched our One Year Part Time Actor Training course, which offers training actors the chance to hold down work whilst they study and train, our Production of Medea which saw the culmination of this years company performed in theatres late June 2021 (click here to read more about this years company). Keep an eye out for our current training company production which will be touring in June 2023.


We are now accepting expressions of interest and applications to work with us and join The Wheel Actor Training Company October 2023 - June 2024.

- We deliver high quality, affordable actor training, focussing on the core principles and craft of the actor, which culminates in a professionally directed production open to paying public audiences.

- We are aware that not everyone is in a position to commit to full-time training, however with classes taking place one weekend day and one evening per week, this course enables students to study alongside work and other commitments, whilst still receiving nine contact hours of training per week.


- We think this is a great way for people to get a very real taste of what actor training is, and can provide a great experience either as a stand alone course; a strong preparation for those looking to apply to drama school; a vocational one year post graduate experience for those finishing a degree in other another subject; or for those coming into training after a career change. 

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A Vocational Experiential Training....

Students become training actors with 'The Wheel Actor Training Company’ training with us for a year, covering screen and theatre and culminating the experience by performing in a fully directed production, across a number of venues.

Our One Year Part Time Acting Programme is entirely practical, with options for external research tasks for those with more space in their working week. There are no graded assessments, just the freedom of working on the actors craft, this allows our ongoing feedback to be focused, personal, meaningful and a responsive dialogue with each training actor, with no need to quantify your progression into a number or fit reflection into a box. This allows for flexibility and fluidity within some of the content so we can be driven by the needs of the people that make up the company. This way the experience can be beneficial to all company members with an eclectic mix of backgrounds and previous experiences, i.e.: those coming from a career change, a post graduate, or those taking a gap year. 

Application & Audition Process...

If you would like to join us for the 2023 company, please download our short application form at the bottom of this box, fill it in and email it to


We will offer an audition to all applicants and once we’ve received your form, we will be in contact shortly to offer you a choice of audition dates.

- There are no audition fees -


Auditions will take place either in person or via Zoom, you can decide what you are most comfortable with.

For the audition you will be asked you to prepare two short contrasting monologues (2 mins max): one classical (written before 1960) and one modern (written after 1960).  

The audition process will involve and informal meeting the two directors (Kev and Amanda).  We will ask you to present both your monologues and we will then redirect at least one of them.  This will be followed by a short interview, which gives us the opportunity to get to know you, in particular what made you apply, a bit about your previous experience and your commitment to training. This also gives you the opportunity to ask us questions and learn more about the course.

The auditions will be 30 - 50 mins long.

A key principal of all our work at The Wheel, is put the individual at the centre of their training and we are committed to valuing, respecting and nurturing each individual we work with. This includes those who audition with us and we believe it is important to create a warm, supportive and welcoming environment, in our auditions. 


After your audition you will usually receive a decision within a week.

If this sounds of interest to you we would love to receive your application and find out more about you.  Download an info pack and application form here: 


If you have any questions or worries please get in touch and we'll respond quickly. Please email 

Course content...

The Year will cover the core acting principles and the craft of the actor, from a range of different practitioners and directors perspectives, both through theatre and screen practice. Students will cover, voice, movement, characterisation, text work, improvisation and impulse, presence, rehearsal process through to performance and audition technique, industry preparation.  

We believe in an integrated and holistic approach to actor training, and that an actor never really concludes their learning, its is simply a continuous cycle of research, doing and reflection from workshop to workshop, job to job and year to year... So the course is content fluid and reflects a year cycle of doing, reflecting and learning suitable for all backgrounds and experiences.


To enable this we have articulated six key core elements of the actors craft or we like to refer to as the six DNA strands that make up the actor. These strands will be the focal point of the training and are also the same strands we work on in 'The Actor's Gym' with our professional actor network

The Craft of The Actor 'DNA Strands'.







Course Structure...

The detail of content is fluid to enable tailored, specific training meeting the demands of the individual and the company, as well as to embrace any integrated performance opportunities over the year that may arise but we have a structure in place to allow the responsive training to occur, and still to drive the individual and companies progression forward.

We have divided the year up into three stages...

Stage 1: (Autumn/Winter) Exploring the Core Elements of the Actors Craft...


This first stage will introduce the core fundamental 'DNA Strands' of the Actor, and establish the foundations of the company. We explore these areas from a range of practitioner and director approaches and take time to get to know each other. Actor Training requires trust, bravery and understanding so it is fundamental that we get to know each other during the process, as we progress into honing and developing your skills and technique. During this time of getting to know the company we will be developing plans for the final production to ensure it fits and compliments the company dynamic.

Stage 2: (Winter/Spring) Applying the Core Elements of the Actors Craft...

This stage will enhance and deepen your understanding of the actor’s craft through more focused and complex work.  Exploring how interconnected all the strands are, you will begin to apply your training through small studio based projects, exploring screen acting, audio work and stage craft,  you will begin to find a more integrated approach as an actor.

Stage 3: (Spring/Summer) Production Process & Industry Awareness/Preparation...

The final stage will focus on industry preparation and practice, including audition and casting preparations, as well as ongoing guidance about next steps such as further/ongoing training and navigating the industry.  Stage Three will culminate in a professionally directed public performance, allowing you to experience an intensive rehearsal and production process.

Nuts & Bolts...

Fees: We believe in making training as accessible as possible and will always ensure the fees are as low as possible to make training affordable and accessible. 

2022/23 Fees: £2,600 for the year (can be paid in instalments)
- This covers training and production costs - There are no audition fees

Dates: Running from the beginning of October - late June in a 3x10 week term structure. You will train one full weekend day and one week day evening (This past year we have run sessions  Sunday 10:30am - 5:30pm and Monday 6pm - 9pm) - in June there will be a 2 week period of intensive rehearsals leading into the production.

Contact hours: The average contact hours are approx 9 hours commitment a week, over a weekend day and one weekday evening, with an increase of approximately 30 hours for the two weeks leading into production. For those with more space in their working week their will be opportunity to engage in further research, development tasks and other performance and training projects.

NOTE: We try to firm up the schedule in consultation with the company, so this might be one weekend day and a week day evening each week, or one weekend day plus a task each week with a two day weekend every 3rd week. We will see what works best for the company nearer the time.

Removing the barriers to training...

Making training accessible and affordable is incredibly important to us, as is removing needless barriers that get in the way of the 'real' work.

Over the years working with a number of companies and institutions that offer training and study, we have become very conscious of how much time and energy goes into paper work, administration and quantifying learning with numbers, words, reports, statistics and league tables. We have purposely designed this course to step outside of and away from those additional pressures which we have often found restrictive and distracting. In fact we don't really like to call it a 'course' at all because of these connotations. A 'Vocational Training' is the best can come up with, but if anything we are resistant to classify it as anything other than the freedom of working practically on the Actor's Craft. 

Medea landscape.jpg
Our 2020/21 company 
performed Medea - see more about them and the production here ... Click the 
poster for more details

'Training with The Wheel has taken my experience and stretched it further than I thought possible.  Amanda and Kev have a magic about them - their skill and passion about what they do, brings life to what it is to be an actor. The course is invigorating, challenging, holistic, thought-provoking and fun. '

(Deborah Cordon - 2020/21 Company)

The Course is testing, fun, rewarding and hard! I am embracing the challenges it brings and after the first term already feel I have learnt so much, and that I am growing in confidence & the fire in my belly is roaring once again!

(Joanne Rogers - 2020/21 Company) 

Mother landscape colour.jpg
Our current company will be
performing The Mother this June - see more about them and the production here ...
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