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The Wheel are continuing to offer a menu of workshops available for school and colleges, targeted for ages 16+ with an introductory discounted price as we develop a range of training opportunities across the south west region.

Led by professional, directors, practitioners and actors. The workshops are designed to fuse industry standards and creative exploration, to help develop practical excellence and confidence in specific areas, and to be exible enough to be tailored to the groups and teachers needs.


We believe in treating people as individuals so we like to tailor our workshops to the group to get the best results for the students and the college, therefore our menu is a guide to what we can provide, and we would encourage a conversation or email chain with the teacher beforehand so we can plan effectively, alternatively we can supply more ‘off the shelf’ style workshops

if you do not feel that you have any specific needs.

Schools and College Workshops:
Discounted workshop offers for over 16's


Physical Theatre Techniques​

Choreographed Combat





Berkoff & The Grotesque

The Greeks and Greek Chorus

Commedia Dell'Arte

Absurdism & Clown
Mask Work

Audition Preparation

Approaches to Devising

Page to Stage

Bespoke Workshops

Industry Talks & Q&A


Workshops can either be a half day or full day and start from £150 half day and £250 full day, extra costs added to cover travel and additional support practitioner if needed. We are offering 1 hour - 90 minute industry/careers talks/Q&A sessions from £60. (£40 if over zoom/online video call)


Would like to book but budgets tight?
Talk to us about it, for us the work is more important than the money

For more information and to discuss booking a workshop please email from there we can begin to make the best offer we can to meet your and your student's needs. 

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