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Our current offer can be broken down into five key areas, please click the boxes for further information....

One Year Part Time Acting Course 

A vocational, 100% practical training experience which allows actors the opportunity to hold down a job and train at the same time. 

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Short part time and intensive courses

Short Acting courses run across South West England and online from our ongoing acting skills and scene study workshops to intensive weekends to short weekly courses, in specific areas such as Physical Theatre, Active Text Analysis, Screen Acting, Industry, self tapes, Drama School Audition Preparation, Performing Shakespeare and many more....  More Info...

One-to-one actor coaching & bespoke tailored support.

Both online actor coaching available to anyone, anywhere in the world, as well as more 'in person' support for those with a base in The South West of England.  ... More Info...

The Actor's Gym
For Professional actors - 'The Actor's Gym' - Is part of The South West Actor's Network package. The Gym offers regular sessions for actors to drop into to keep you 'Actor Fit & Audition Ready' -  More info...

Schools & Colleges Menu - South West UK.

A range of discounted specialist workshops for ages 16+

as well as bespoke offers tailored for specific needs.

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Pricing Statement: 


A large part of our charitable mission is to help diversify the industry, and make actor training as accessible as possible, particular for those from lower income backgrounds. We are also aware that often the power balance involved in training and the industry is unequal, and tricky to navigate.  Therefore we are always looking at ways to redress the balance, and our pricing policy is designed reflect this.


The Wheel is a ‘not for profit’ registered charity, we do not receive any regular funding, so rely on donations, project funding bids and fees of services (workshops, coaching, ticket sales etc:) to continue our work. 


Workshops, Courses and Membership Schemes - These have set fees which are kept as low as possible, with any surplus folded back into the charity, to help pay for yearly running costs and future projects.


Practical One-to-One Actor Coaching or Bespoke Projects - We work to an industry rate but are open to negotiations for reductions for those that might not be able to afford the fee.


Actor Life Coaching - These have a three tier guided cost scale, which are designed around your income and negotiated as a balance between what you can afford and what the relationship needs. This is a fluid payment scale built on trust rather than any official means testing.


Initial Advice/‘Coffee House’ Sessions - These are often the starting point for any solo work with us, but also run as a stand alone  ‘drop in’ style advice and support service. For these we are trialling a donation based service -  by removing a monetary value, we hope to eliminate any unhealthy power balance. Without the pressure and expectation that monetising a service brings, we can talk freely, offering our thoughts, experiences, reflections and questions in an open manner. After the session if you feel that it has been useful for you, then we ask that you consider making a small donation of the amount (for most people this is approximately the price of a coffee or two), you either think the advice is worth, or what you can afford, with absolutely no pressure to if your skint or you didn’t value the session.

Workshops and Training Opportunities:

Our mission is to create a range of training opportunities for both young and emerging artists through to continued specialist training for industry professionals in the south west of England and further afield.

Our training offer is designed to offer continued training opportunities for professional performers and emerging artists as well as to develop those at the early stages of their career, either currently in study and training or looking to apply to Drama schools in the near future. All workshops and courses are designed to progress individuals at their current level and will be structured accordingly to ensure you gain the most from the course. 

Training Ethos: 

Across all of the various training elements of our work, we have a some core principles and values that we will always work to.

Integrity & Transparency:

Having personal and artistic integrity in our training is incredibly important to us, and with various training options available to people, we feel it’s important to be transparent about our approach and how we work. With no big sales pitches or false promises.

Progression & Development:

The Wheel is a symbol of movement and progression, we believe that actor training is dynamic and constantly evolving process of skills and personal development a continuous cycle of researching, doing and reflecting. Whatever background or experience you have, you always have something to bring to the studio, something to experience and something to learn.

Valuing the Individual and the Ensemble:

We pride ourselves on being friendly, personal and supportive, creating safe and secure environments that enable actors to be brave and open. Actors come in all shapes and sizes and there is no one way to train, so we value and embrace all the unique individual differences actors bring into the studio, and will always endeavour to tailor the training to ensure Individuals get the most from their time with us.

Practical and Industry specific:

All our courses, workshops and content will always be driven by industry demands, to ensure the experience is focussed, relevant and current. All tutors/workshop leaders are and will continue to be active working professionals in their fields. 

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