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Our training offer is designed to offer continued training opportunities for professional performers and emerging artists as well as to develop those at the early stages of their career, either currently in study and training or looking to apply to Drama schools in the near future. All workshops and courses are designed to progress individuals at their current level and will be structured accordingly to ensure you gain the most from the course.


This autumn we are launching our core 'ongoing integrated actor training' courses designed to be flexible, accessible, challenging and with a varying degree of commitment from just 4 sessions to as long as you like, allowing you to continue training and developing your craft around your other life/work commitments. See our 'Acting Fundamentals' and 'Scene Study' courses below...

Screen Acting Fundamentals

- online -  



A short course that strips back screen acting to its fundamental aspects in order to gain the best performance possible. 

This course takes a pragmatic approach to screen acting, focussing on the core skills and job role of the actor. You will explore techniques and approaches that help you to stay ‘in the moment of the action’ and not get distracted by the world of the film set. We will de-mystify the set and focus on the areas that are within the actors control, trying out physical and mental triggers get you inside the action and develop a clear personalised preparation checklist that will allow you to be in the best possible position to execute the most layered and authentic portayal. 



We offer this course when we have enough expressions of interest, please email to register your interest. (

Industry, Self Tapes & Audition Technique

- online -


A short course that aims to demystify the industry, give some insights into how it works, cut through all the advice out there and offer approaches to find the best way for you personally to navigate it all whilst maintaining a strong and resilient mental health and well being. 


This course takes a pragmatic approach to understanding the industry, and the audition/casting process from applying through to self tapes and auditions that aims to put the actor in the driving seat. No promises, no big hidden secrets, just a chance to look at the landscape from a simpler perspective and develop your own personal plan on how to be more in control of your career, explore self tape techniques and to remind yourself of why you want to act in the first place. 


We offer this course when we have enough expressions of interest, please email to register your interest. (

Both Ideal for: 

Early career, and those getting into or back into the industry after a break. Workshops will be carefully crafted to enable performer training at a range of levels, from those with significant experience in performance areas looking to diversify their skill base, to early career actors and those who are beginning to look at further training and getting into the industry.

Ages 18+ only.


Both Led by: 

Kevin Johnson


Kevin is an actor, director and actor coach who has been working in the industry for 20 years. He has worked nationally and internationally, and has trained actors professionally over the last 7 years. You can see more details at  

Both courses have a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 people to ensure the courses are effective and good value.



£25 each or £45 for the two

For more info please email 


Courses Booking Now...

We are not running any courses over the summer, our short courses in Acting Fundamentals/Scene Studies and additional specialist courses will begin again in the autum. 
Email - to express interest and join our mailing list - we will advertise the next courses towards the end of August. 


Get In Touch...

We would love to hear from people to find out more about what might be useful. If you have any thoughts or ideas of the kind of courses/workshops you would like us to run or would like to take up our open door 'Zoom' / 'Coffee House sessions' offer to discuss things further please drop us a message at

What previous actors said about our Screen Acting Fundamentals Course....

"Really useful, a very methodical and 'real' approach to preparing for my next screen role, with some excellent techniques to help remain 'in the moment' when on set, Thank you!"

"A really nice 'virtual' space, where i felt relaxed enough to try things, not try to be perfect and explore at my own pace"

"Great value, i've gained loads, too much to list here and all for £25! really glad I took the course."

I bleddy loved the screen acting course. I thought it was brilliant. Kev you made it so accessible and I really feel like I can land on a set now and know what to do. Which is exactly what I needed. So bravo bravo!

"Due to Lockdown I had started to feel a little unmotivated and as if my acting skills were draining away from me when I heard about the Screen Acting Fundamentals course from The Wheel. It felt like a great way to get back in the arena and challenge myself. Kev and the other participants were supportive, engaging and made me feel comfortable enough to really progress and train. Would recommend to anyone thinking of booking on"

Ongoing Integrated Actor Training:

In 2021 we launched two complementary strands of integrated training

for actors of all levels to engage with.
The two strands are ‘Acting Fundamentals’ and ‘Scene Studies’ 

  • Acting Fundamentals is where actors focus on their core skills and technique. 

  • Scene Studies is where they use their skills and apply them to character, text and performance.



Inspired by our first two years of delivering a variety of acting courses and training opportunities, we are now exploring the development of a new module of ongoing integrated Actor Training, alongside our existing programme.  


Coupled with our own experience and desire to develop a culture, whereby there are more access points for people to begin or continue vocational actor training, as well as ongoing development opportunities for professional actors; we have been influenced by the American Actors Studio Module of regular scene study and technique classes, and the European tradition of ensemble and company training. We hope the combination of these influences, help develop a richer, more skilled, connected and employable community of actors in the south west.  


Suitable for all actors 18+, with the desire and hunger to explore the craft of the actor.  Whether it is your first time encountering this work or your tenth time, these sessions are designed to build, develop and challenge your skills as an actor. Our integrated training approach ensures that we meet the work at our own pace and all learn and develop together. Our actors tend to fit into one of three camps 1) professionals that have already undertaken a full time training and are wanting to keep their skills sharp 2) actors that have decided not or are unable to commit to full time training and want to train in short courses and workshops whilst working or 3) people new to acting that have a hunger and desire to find out more about the craft and decide what their next steps are for further training. Which ever camp you fit in you'll be embraced and met at as an individual.

‘we learn and develop in cycles, not straight lines’


Acting Fundamentals is the title our ongoing core acting skills workshops, these are designed around 6 fundamental areas of what we believe make up the actor: Physicality/Presence, Voice/Text, Imagination/Creation, Connection/Ensemble, Improvisation/Play, Industry/Screen. Some courses will touch on a range of areas and others will be more focussed on one or two.



Scene Studies are the perfect way for actors to continually work on their craft, as they give you the opportunity to put into practice your skills, instinct and experience; as you create a character, connect to the world of a play, understand the anatomy of a scene and embody it. We will focus on one play in each block, and the workshops will involve exploring the plays demands on actors, key themes, challenges and scenes. Plays will vary in style and genre exploring, contemporary plays, exciting new writing, 20th Century canonical texts, Shakespeare, Greek Tragedy and more.  Our focus is to find the plays, scenes and characters that will challenge and excite you as an actor.

Taking applications and auditioning now for our One Year Part Time Training Company 

Past courses have included:

Physical Theatre, Acting With Text, Audition Technique, Screen Acting, Impulse and improvisation, The Actors Body, Stanislavsky's System, Acting Fundamentals, Scen Studies, The Production Process, Text exploration in our 'Great Plays' Series, Stage Combat, Shakespeare and Singing Masterclasses.

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