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Bespoke - Solo Tuition:

Alongside our group training opportunities, we also offer one to one tuition, coaching and support.  Whether you are new to acting or a working professional, preparing for auditions or drama school, working on a particular piece or style, looking to improve confidence or develop your technique; one to one coaching is a great way to get bespoke, flexible and tailored support.  This mode of training is accessible, creative and always a sharp focus on your individual needs. So put yourself in the driving seat, shaping the support and training that is tailored around your needs and schedule.

We split this bespoke offer into three areas: 

Online Acting Coaching

One-to-one training and coaching can take a number of forms and fulfil a range of purposes guided by your needs.  Whilst we we always value the opportunity to work in person, we understand that this is not always possible.  Online platforms such as Zoom give us the opportunity to work with actors across the globe (as well as allowing training to continue and be accessible during the current Covid-19 crisis).  The Wheel has developed a strong methodology and track record for one to one coaching online, it is particularly useful for working on specificity and detail, really refining the actors craft.


Specialist areas that we find work well for online coaching include: Text Analysis, Shakespearean & Classical Text, Monologue Work, Drama School Audition Preparation, Audition Technique & Screen Acting. 


Both Kev & Amanda (our directors) are experienced in a range of specialisms, and have a lot of expertise in supporting actors (at different points in their training and career) to progress and develop their craft.

If you are interested in finding out more or want to book a free trial virtual meeting to discuss further please email: 

You can look at our personal credentials on the creative team page and contact us directly if prefer: or 


Our sessions for individual coaching usually last an hour, although session times can be varied.  Our fees depend on your work situation and can be negotiated on first meeting through booking one of our 'coffee house' sessions

As a guide, the standard fee is £40 per session (in person payable after the session) or £35 online (payable in advance by BACS or PayPal). If you’d like to book 3 or more sessions in advance, reductions are available.  There is also a discount available for students and those who are unemployed.

Would like to book but budgets tight?

Drop us an email and we'll negotiate something.

For us the work is more important than the money.

Practical Actor Coaching:

Whilst we always value the opportunity to share a space and work in person with clients; we can also offer tuition online via Zoom (or other platforms), allowing us to work with actors from all over the world.  Whilst based in Plymouth, UK both Kev & Amanda (our directors) have worked extensively with actors from around the globe, including actors who speak English as a second language. [See our Online Acting Coaching section for further information]


During your first session we will spend a little time getting to know each other and discussing what your particular needs are and what you want to achieve.  A key principal of all our work at The Wheel, is put the individual at the centre of their training and we are committed to valuing, respecting and nurturing each individual we work with. Through authentic dialogue we are able to offer bespoke, supported and responsive training for actors and performers.  


A second core principle of The Wheel is to offer training created for the industry by the industry.  As practicing professionals we strive to offer training that is responsive to industry practice and demands; developing professionals who are fully prepared for the ever changing acting industry. 


Past solo tuition and guidance has included:

Tutoring for drama school auditions (100% track record this year) 

Introductions to building confidence and acting skills.

Developing a specific performance project.

Focused text analysis work on classic and contemporary text.

Coaching for 'non-actors' performing in film/music video.

Presentation skills for work.


Other areas of specialism include:

Audition Preparation & Technique (including Self-Tapes)

Screen Acting

Shakespearean & Classical Text

Authenticity & Emotional Connection

Book a first session:

If you are interested in finding out more please email: 

You can look at our personal credentials on the creative team page and contact us directly if prefer: or 

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