By Euripides in a version by Ben Power

Directed by: Amanda Collins & Kevin Johnson

Lighting by: Nathan Benjamin

Design support by: Amy Shaw

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Medea is our first training company production integrated with some of our professional actors  to create an intense retelling of this highly emotional classic story.

'An energetic, physical and emotional retelling of the ancient Greek play - this is a fusion of some of our professional team and our one year Actor Training Company'.


25 & 26 June - Cygnet Theatre - Exeter

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Meet The Company:
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Joanne Rogers
Joanne Rogers

Connor Reed
Connor Reed

Thomas Bliss
Thomas Bliss

Joanne Rogers
Joanne Rogers


Medea - Joanne Rogers - I have always wanted to train as an actor. In my early twenties I chose University over drama school because I couldn't afford the fees drama schools were charging. After my time at Uni, life took me in off in other directions in terms of my career and family life, and so it is now, at 40 that I have reached a point when not only do I feel emotionally and mentally ready for training, but I am able to realise my ambition on a incredible course that fits in around busy family life, and welcomes applicants of any age, thanks to the Wheel. 

Nurse -  Deborah Cordon - Acting has been a passion that I’ve pursued relentlessly. Amateur theatre, jobbing actor, short training courses; anything I could get my hands on. But the need to have a regular income, as a single parent, took priority and so I went down different paths – nursing first, then teaching. Finally, during Lockdown, 48 years later, I realised that I should be an actor, can only be an actor. So I took that step, fell off the cliff and auditioned for a place onThe Wheel Actor’s Training course.


Attendant - Kayleigh Ellen - Kayleigh recently graduated from a BA in Acting at Plymouth Marjon University and has joined The Wheel Training Company to continue to develop her Actor Craft whilst navigating work and industry.


Kreon - Thomas Bliss - Tom is also a recent graduate from an Acting degre. He decided to continue to develop his core acting skills with our company this year whilst establishing 'Ugly Duck Theatre' and more audio voice over work.

Jason - Connor Reed - Connor is an experienced professional actor who has toured nationally and internationally for a number of companies. He has joined the company to develop his knowledge of directing and actor training as he develop a new area to his existing skillset.


Chorus - Amy Shaw - Amy joins us not as a training actor but as a training director, she is gaining experience of performing to deepen her knowledge of the actor process - After life's twists and turns I came to pursuing theatre directing as a career later in life than mostBeing an early careers artist is hard. Being an early careers director is harder as there is little out there in the way of support and you can feel isolated. Doing a mentorship with the Wheel has been incredibly helpful. They have given me support and encouragement along with providing me with a variety of opportunities to grow in my skills. They create a safe and nurturing environment while pushing you to step out of comfort zones. I have loved it!

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