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The Actor's Gym

This is our regular CPD offer for professional actors, performers and theatre makers in the South West. 


Athletes go to the gym to train and keep fit for an upcoming event, but what happens to actors who are in-between jobs? Where can actors continue to push themselves post-training?

What is it? 

The Actor’s Gym is a place for actors to take risks, develop their skills and keep the creative juices flowing: ensuring they are match fit for the next audition or job. It involves bi-monthly workshops, discounts on other training offers, regular newsletters, sharing of any work opportunities that come to The Wheel and access to a supportive network of professionals based in the South West.

Each session is guided by the company directors.  Rather than a taught workshops, each gym session is facilitated to allow space for individuals to revisit or rediscover key areas of the actors craft.  This is Continuing Professional Development for professional actors who have already trained or have considerable professional experience, if you are looking for training please see our other offer which are suitable for beginners or those at an intermediate level.

Get involved

The Actors Gym is was paused due to the pandemic, we are currently looking at ways to restart but in the meantime, you can sign up as a member of The South West Actor's Network. and join other CPD opportunities.

Dates and details of future sessions will be announced in the near future....

For further information and to sign up please download the Subscription form or contact The Wheel at - 


Tel: 01752 229234

How it works

Like in the gym each session will follow a 'five stage' ritual pattern:



THE GYM: Swipe your card, go to the locker room, say hello, and you begin the mental preparation to exercise by beginning your ritual of gym kit, filling your water bottle, water bottle.        


THE ACTORS GYM: You pay your £4, chat about your week, and you begin the mental preparation to work by beginning your ritual of workshop clothes, filling your water bottle, shutting the door on the outside world.




THE GYM: Warm up physically and mentally


THE ACTORS GYM: Warm up physically and vocally, mentally and emotionally 


3) THE WORKOUT -    


THE GYM: You do your specific exercise routine ie cardio, weights, leg focus, arm focus


THE ACTORS GYM: We focus on a key area of the actor’s craft: Physicality/Presence, Voice/Text, Imagination/Creation, Connection/Ensemble, Improvisation/Play, Industry/Screen


4) THE COOL DOWN  -    


THE GYM: Cool Down


THE ACTORS GYM: Cool Down & Reflection




THE GYM: Have a chat in the changing room, maybe grab a coffee or smoothie, prepare to re-enter the outside world feeling energised and healthy


THE ACTORS GYM: Have a chat with other artists, maybe grab a coffee or a pint, prepare to re-enter the outside world feeling creative and inspired 

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